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Zetland Stage Sat 4:00pm

Who is in the band and who plays what?

Harry Cash - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Harrison Palmer - Bass Guitar & b/v
Daniel Rawley - Drums

How and where did the band originate?

Harrison auditioned for Harry’s 3 piece band when they were 14/15. In the early days they were a covers band playing stuff like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Arctic Monkeys, Bruno Mars and pop classics with a good vibe and sense of fun. They busked at main shopping centres and gigged at pubs, clubs and festivals up and down the UK. 3 years later in 2016 they decided to start a band and write their own music. Dan joined late 2016 and the band was complete.

Essex based: 2 from Billericay and 1 from Grays

What artists inspire you?

Artic monkeys, Red hot chili peppers, Stone roses but we take influences from all over the place.

How would you describe your sound?

Indie rock - infectious hooks that stay in your head for days.

Dance and have a good time vibe.

What have been your most significant gigs up to now?

Fleectonbury festival because it was a great venue with some amazing bands and it was from this gig we got some great contacts like the Richmond Live Festival and Sound Hub studio were we recorded our new single.

Who writes your songs and what is your approach in putting the music together?

We all do. We just jam out a riff at rehearsals and start to develop it over the next few weeks and that is it. We base our songs around solid infectious riffs that are upbeat and then help it along with driving bass lines and tight drums, when that’s done we lay Harry’s smooth vocals over the top. Job done!

We don’t subscribe to the idea that guitar music is finished. As a 3 piece we have to work hard on stage to keep the performance, songs and music interesting, engaging and hopefully worth listening too. The guitar and bass use various pedals to change the texture, sound and dynamic of the music; there is no place to hide in a 3 piece.

Our New Single” Won’t Last a Minute” was released on 26th May and is available on iTunes and spotify:

It’s about a previous relationship where the young lady went off with an older man. Recorded and produced by Tom Carter and Barrington Mole of Sound Hub studios in Derby. They are a great couple of guys and helped us find a sound we wanted. We recorded 3 songs with which will be released later.

What are your ambitions for the band, where would you like to play?

We try to balance Dan with is job in Essex and Harry and Harrison who are 1st year Music students doing a degree at the ICMP in London by commuting on a daily basis during the week so we can still rehearse, work on increasing exposure, keep playing live as this is the most enjoyable part, write, record and release more songs maybe an EP or album. We’d love to play any big festival anywhere or just somewhere the audience want to listen.

What are your plans this year?

We already have the next single ready for release later this year.

To play more gigs and festivals up and down the country and maybe a mini tour later this year.

We have been given a Saturday slot at the Richmond Live Festival, North Yorkshire later this year after the guy saw us play at the Fleectonbury festival, North Yorkshire last year.