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The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens

razorblue Stage Fri 8:15pm

The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens are a darkwave/gothic electro duo from Darlington consisting of David Saunders and Rob Irish. Their dark and cinematic soundscapes combined with unhinged, baritone vocals; conceptualise the life and legacy of Charles Dickens' wastrel brother. They take a tragic story filled with darkness and despair and use it as a metaphor for the modern day.

Their live performances are energetic, theatrical and filled with a semi-operatic intensity and rock ‘n’ roll edge that complements the varied waves of classical instrumentation and synthetic sounds. They are an exciting experimental act reminiscent of Scott Walker, Nick Cave, The Dead Can Dance and early Pet Shop Boys/Depeche Mode.

In 2017 Dickensian duo captivated their native North-East with stand-out performances at Evolution Emerging, Stockton Calling & Songs From Northern Britain. This year they are following up their single ‘Shrines’ and self titled EP (released on vinyl/digital download via Butterfly Effect Records on 5th November) with their brand new EP ‘eMANcipation’.

This latest release discusses masculinity in the modern era and takes the band in a more contemporary, synth driven direction.

"That was something else." - Vic Galloway BBC 6 Music/Radio Scotland

"You won't see anything else like this. David Saunders has a full Russian Orthodox Choir in his beard. A full choir. He's joined by Rob Irish who can play every instrument ever made, all at the same time. Theatrical, dark, joyous. Go you must, marvel you will." - Jordan Bell, Avalanche Party

"If, like myself, you have ever wondered who the most unique, provocative and tallest act you’ll ever come across in your lifetime are, your search will come to a stop at Darlington electro Goth duo The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens." - NARC Magazine.

'Utterly bizarre but compellingly brilliant' - EvenTheStars