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Steve Wade & Friends

razorblue Stage Sat 3:40pm

Steve Wade and Friends is a Richmond institution. Over the last 9 years it has been a platform for well over 100 local singers and musicians to perform in a relaxed and friendly environment in and around Richmond.

Many (but by no means all) of the performers are youngsters with little experience fo singing/playing live and it gives them a chance to bring their talents to a wider audience. Some have gone on to make careers in music, others do it just to experience the joy of performing and entertaining - but all have been part of a thriving musical journey that continues to demonstrate the rich vein of talent that exists in and around this beautiful town.

Join us on Saturday afternoon and be amazed by some truly remarkable voices. And if you like what you hear there are numerous local gigs thoughout the year to see these and dozens more performers.

Britain's got talent? - it surely has - much of it is on your doorstep.