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Urban Commando's


Saturday, 03 August 2019 20:00

The Urban Commandos are a rock n roll, punkish theoretical band from Gateshead England. They have been together almost 12 years and have many strong songs that are influenced by bands like; Boomtown Rats, Clash, Skids, Alice Cooper, Alex Harvey, Heavy Metal Kids to name a few.

All are songs are stories about real characters that they’ve met over the years such as; Jimmy the Bank robber or Kevin the Geek.

Back in the 70s their charismatic lead singer John Allan was the school freak and was bullied for being different and then came along Alice Cooper and David Bowie and he said to myself “yeah I might be a freak but I’m king of the freaks”; .

The Urban Commandos are a four piece band consisting of Doug Dunn on drums, Adam Bowes on bass, Dave Stevenson on lead guitar and John Allan(Billy Stein) on lead vocals. They are all seasoned musicians who are much experienced. They are a great live band who are both visually and musically great to watch and listen too on stage.