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Carrie Martin


Saturday, 03 August 2019 16:50

Born in Hull, Carrie developed something a local reputation while still in her teens, as an acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter.

She fronted bands in the 90s before casting her music aside in order to raise her children, her guitar went untouched for some two decades until a chance meeting with guitar virtuoso Gordon Giltrap changed her life.

Close mentoring from Gordon saw her take a huge leap forward, attracting endorsements from Vintage Guitars, G7th Capos and Martin Strings.

Her latest album Seductive Sky feat guests Gordon Giltrap, keyboard maestro Oliver Wakeman and legendary guitarist Elliott Randall, along with Daniel Karl Cassidy, younger brother of the late Eva Cassidy, with whom Carrie has sometimes been compared herself. The album is a magnificent snapshot of an artist at the peak of her creativity and gaining her fine reviews and a second tour of Canada.

It’s pretty obvious from the moment you hear Carrie Martin sing that she is an outstanding vocalist with passion in each breath. Don’t be too side-tracked by that voice and stage persona and well-crafted songs, because you might just miss the fact that she is a fine guitar player as well! - Gordon Giltrap